This is the legal agreement between you (Client) and company GSN (Global Stars Network) and you are bound to agree with the terms to work and understand all terms and condition/rules & regulation and company's policies. In case client does not agree with company rules, policies and terms of use he/she should not sign up with the company. At the time of signing up, the acceptor has to agree and abide with all Global Stars Network terms and condition/ rules and regulations and company has the right to cancel/amend the rules & regulation/terms of use and policies any time without any prior notice or without assigning any reason. Clients can only earn the Reward on sales under company plans by following the terms & condition as per company policy.
  • Assure you that you are paying the payment for just purchase to product not to deposit in company account or not to invest with company. -Company is not bond/concern to/for open any office or paying for office because of it is online product sales based business. -if any one open office on itself decision he/she is bond to operate it on company terms and conditions, if their working procedure will be against company polices or they working for any other related company then legal action could be taken against them. -Keeping in view that company will pay the decided commission on the sales of recommended products as per company binary marketing plan and direct sales procedure. Company reserves the rights to change the any running commission ratio, sales procedure, marketing plan and product without any prior notice.
  • Clients are independent contractors and are not purchasers of a franchise. The client Agreement between the Company and its client does not constitute an employer/employee, partnership or joint venture relationship. Client shall have no legal right or authority to bind the Company to any obligation or to make representations or warranties on behalf of the Company. The client shall be responsible for filing all necessary tax returns and paying all applicable taxes.
  • Any verbal or written statements made by the client, as an independent contractor, with regard to the Products and the Business must be based strictly on the written information issued by the Company, for example, on the current Company website and sales promotion literature. The client is liable for all statements he/she may make which deviate from the aforementioned and shall indemnify the Company from any loss, damages, claims, costs (including legal fees or court costs) or fines arising from unauthorized representations made by the client, or otherwise not complying with these Terms and Conditions.
  • The client is encouraged to determine his/her own hours of work, sales methods and sales operation provided they comply with applicable laws and regulations. The client is responsible for payment of all expenses incurred in the running of his/her client business.
Client of Global Stars Network must be acclaimed all the term and condition/ policy at the time of singing up and he/she must abide with it. Client is only liable to purchase or sale company products and refer the customer to the company and earn the decided Reward as per company policy. Client will not be an employee, agent, representative or franchisee of the company. Client is responsible to pay all Government taxes and/or tariffs as per his/her country rules. There is none of any monthly or yearly fee and company has the right to administrate or add any increase or decrease in future.
Client is only authorized to sign in by filling the Joining Form to buy products as per terms of the company to pay the company through prescribed channels OR through future channels provide by Global Stars Network. Client is responsible to refer the products to customers as per company plans and market it by the depth of his/her heart with the sense of sincerity, honesty and with professional potential. Company will pay the reward to its client by following the decided plans of potential income, maximum or minimum. Company never allows the client of "Global Stars Network" to promote, convince, convey of Global Stars Network clients for any other company's product plan network marketing related through websites of companies or firms. In case the Client did so he/she would be considered as looser and dishonest. This type of client will be responsible for any lose of GSN (Global Stars Network) and company has right to terminate, deactivate all his/her activities and shall be prosecuted as per law. Client has the responsibility to promote the product of GSN to customers and to get the decided reward of GSN and same for its up line and down line. Client is authorized to promote its reward/earning through franchise, support centre to refer customers to company and client is also responsible for his/her own decision individually and must acknowledge and follow the rules of its respective country and client doesn't have the authority to misguide, miss commitment and misbehave.
Client have to purchase the product from company through planed procedure by singing the prescribed Form or by its user ID directly through company website Client is responsible of its purchasing through company introducer or through referrer owner/owners who is responsible to provide all knowledge/information about procedure of order/purchase, singing Form, payment procedure and must acknowledge about all plans procedures terms & condition, rules & Regulations. No body is authorized to advertise about any product are literature on behalf of the company GSN. Client has to manage all the literature according to the plan, products or else, Company is not bounded all about it. Involvement of anybody included client in damages of company plan website copyright trademark or any other rights or losses of company, the company has the right to take strike disciplinary action against the concerned person including blockage of its active ID or prosecute as per Country Law. Client must keep and remember its all account information, transaction of account and points must be acknowledged by the client, company may provide online security to the client, company shall be liable to any loss or damages resulting to any security breaches, hikers etc. Company shall subscribe the notification to client as a safeguard; client may monitor the activities or transaction by frequent e-mails, notifications as well as client shall be responsible against any miss-communication or transactions.
As an independent contractor the Clients shall be responsible for the filing of all necessary tax returns and registering for and paying all applicable taxes due in relation to the Client's business. This shall include (but not be limited to) the obligation to make, execute or file, all reports and obtain licenses as are required by law and/or the acquisition, receipt, holding, selling, distribution or promotion of the Products.
It is each Member's responsibility to pay all respective income, local or applicable taxes as an independent contractor. Clients are not eligible for employee benefits, such as unemployment compensation, worker's compensation or minimum wages, and (ii) encouraged to set their own hours and to supply all of their own equipment and tools for operating their Company business, such as telephones, transportation, professional services, office equipment and supplies. Further, Member should determine their own methods of sale, so long as they comply with the policies of Company. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, as an Member, he/she shall be fully responsible for (1) all applicable federal and state withholding taxes, source deductions, sales taxes, income tax, other taxes, employment insurance premiums, Pension Plan contributions, worker's compensation contributions or state employee health tax contributions and other levies, premiums, license requirements and fees related to his/her earnings and activities as a Member, and (2) all expenses incurred in connection with the operation of his/her Company-related business, including but not limited to travel, meals, accommodation, secretarial, office, telephone and other business expenses.

The Clients agrees to give a true and fair description of the Products and the Business in all discussions with Customers, fellow Client and potential GSN Clients. This obligation to give a true and complete representation shall include the following points:

  • Terms and Conditions and Marketing plan

    The Clients shall neither mis-state nor omit any essential details regarding the Marketing plan or abuse or improperly manipulate the Marketing plan. In discussions with potential GSN Client, the client will ensure that the following points are made clear:

    • The Business is based on the promotion of Products to Customers.
    • Client will not be successful merely by sponsoring other client without endeavoring to promote Product sales themselves.
    • Exclusive or undue emphasis on sponsoring is not permitted.
  • Income Representations

    The clients shall not make any exaggerated representations as to potential income to be realized by prospective GSN client when presenting the GSN business opportunity or the Marketing plan.

  • Product/Service Claims

    The client shall not make claims for the Products other than those found in information contained in current Company literature, Company websites or on packaging labels.

  • Non Disparagement

    In setting a proper example for their down line, client must not disparage other GSN client, the Products, the Marketing plan, Company employees or officers.